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EFW announces 2019-2020 grants totaling more than $60,000

March 20, 2019 - 

The Education Foundation of Wauwatosa announced its 2019-2020 grant recipients on March 20th, with more than $60,000 going to 16 different grants inside Wauwatosa Public School classrooms!


Each year educators are encouraged to submit a grant application for consideration. The grants are assessed on their innovation, potential opportunity expansion, and educational excellence.


Educators must explain their educational goal and learning objectives that would be met with the grant and how the project would fill a gap or need in student learning. They must also provide a sample lesson plan or demonstrate how the grant would be used and describe the potential impact of the grant.


The amount awarded in a given year is based, in part, on the funds available and the potential impact of the project.  Grant requests should not supplant any currently funded programs.


 Over the past five years, 65% of grants submitted, received funding. Congratulations to this year's EFW Grant Recipients:


  •  Thomas Schneider and Patricia Koenen at West H.S. and East H.S. received
    $10,822.28 for Anatomy in Clay: The Mind Cannot Forget What the Hands
    Have Learned.
  • Beth Kimmel, Jenny DiMeo, and Andrew Pinn at Washington received
    $4,483.52 for Timby Telecast – A Student News Broadcast.
  • Rebecca Kirchman and Rob Kalpinski at Vel R. Phillips School received $2,500
    for Riding for Focus.
  • Dean Heus and Dawn DiNicola at Vel R. Phillips School received $400 for
    Card Writing for Community Service.
  • Nancy Duff and John Summers at Whitman and Longfellow received $4,136.88
    for Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles.
  • Kari Kraenzler at Whitman received $4,000 for Mirrors for Musical Growth.
  • Jennifer Quella and Tracy Carus at Jefferson received $2,590.17 for
    Celebrating Diversity Through Literature.
  • Jessica Talavera-Klabunde, Colleen Dardis, Emily Guse, and Anna Troy at East
    H.S. received $5,594.54 for Free Voluntary Reading in Spanish.
  • Lenka Wendland at McKinley received $4,770 for Cycle to Success.
  • Peggy Paar at Roosevelt received $3,360 for Marimba in the General Music
  • Corinne Meyer at Underwood received $1,887.44 for Ready, Set, Regulate.
  • Susan Walczak and Melissa Adams at Wilson/WSTEM received $2,500 for
    Cultivating School Climate and Enhancing Learning Through the Magical
    World of Harry Potter.
  • Sarah Myers at Longfellow received $5,375 for Engaging All Learners.
  • Molly Brennan at East H.S. received $2,500 for Spring Artist in Residence:
    Megan Woodard Johnson.
  • Brian Kimmel and Joy Provan at Whitman received $1,689.60 for Team
    Building STEM Integration – Breakout EDU.
  • Carolyn Curley, Michael Brock, and Tracy Carus at Underwood received
    $4,014 for The World is Not A Rectangle: Reading to Inspire Vision into all
    Students’ Lives.