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School Board Approves New ELA Comprehensive Literacy Framework

As a District, we continually look for ways to close achievement gaps and drive increased equity and development among students. Last week, the Wauwatosa School Board unanimously approved a new English Language Arts Comprehensive Literacy Framework that will help us reach this goal.

This robust framework combines elements of several widely-used, existing resources to: 

  • Support equitable and meaningful learning experiences for students. 
  • Create understanding, strong foundational skills and success criteria at the elementary level that align with resources used in grades 6-8. 
  • Ensure flexibility for teachers to be responsive to students while maintaining consistency in practices across the district.

Specifics about these elements are outlined in the table below, along with resources that provide more information about each method.  


Our staff will be engaged in ongoing professional development that will support their ability to leverage this framework, and we will be conducting surveys, outside implementation checks and reviewing Forward and PALS assessment results to measure the effectiveness of this framework on an ongoing basis. 


* indicates elements unchanged from current programming




Phonological Awareness

JK - 2


Shared Reading

JK - 3 

Fountas and Pinnell

Independent Reading

JK - 5

Classroom libraries

Interactive Read Alouds

JK - 5

Fountas and Pinnell

Explicit Mini Lessons

K - 1 


2 - 5 

Designed from Fountas and Pinnell Interactive Read Alouds


Units of Study (Readers Workshop)

Universal Phonics Instruction

K - 5 

Sonday Essentials 


K - 5

Units of Study (Writers Workshop)*