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District's "Overall Score"on State Report Card Increases for Third Consecutive Year

Nov. 13, 2018

Wauwatosa School District earned four out of five stars on State Report Cards from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for the 2017-2018 school year and increased its overall accountability score for the third consecutive year to 80.1 out of 100.


Based on the star rating, Wauwatosa School District exceeds expectations related to the state’s accountability standards in educating students. Report cards are issued based on four priority areas: Student Achievement in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, Student Growth in ELA and Mathematics, Closing Gaps between student populations, and measures of readiness for graduation and postsecondary success.


Wauwatosa School District Highlights:

  • Twelve of 15 schools either exceed or significantly exceed state expectations related to the School Report Cards.
  • Wauwatosa STEM, Lincoln Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, and Wauwatosa Montessori all earned the rating of “Significantly Exceeds State Expectations”.
  • Wauwatosa has one of the smallest graduation gaps in the state between students who are Black or African American and students who are white.
  • 89.4% of 2018 graduates took at least one AP course before graduation.
  • 77% of 2017 graduates enrolled in post-secondary education within one year of graduation.
  • Forward math scores continue to rise with the percent of students proficient and advanced again exceeding the state average.
  • The percent of WSD students proficient or advanced in English Language Arts assessments continues to exceed the state average.
  • “We are always happy to see continuous improvement in student learning. These are positive results, but they are just one portion of the picture that captures the work we are doing. The State Report Cards are one tool of measurement. While we are happy with this progress, we still have work to do to ensure ALL students in the Wauwatosa School District are achieving at a high level,” said Superintendent Phil Ertl.


Understanding the Data

It is important to note, however, that while school and district report cards provide information to the community, they do not represent a full picture of the work happening at a school. Report cards are a snapshot of the work. DPI advises the public to use caution in evaluating the report cards. 


No significant changes were made to the State Report Cards for the 2017-2018 school year.  There were significant changes in the 2016-17 and 2015-2016 Report Cards as part of Wisconsin Act 55 in the 2015-17 state budget. As such, DPI advises against comparison with results of report cards prior to the 2015-16 school year.


Those changes include variable weighting in an attempt to address the impacts of poverty on student achievement, a new model for measuring student growth based on value-added methodology developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the legislative requirement to change from the Badger Exam offered through the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium to the Forward Exam. 


The 2016-17 report cards were based on one year of the Badger Exam and two years of the Forward Exam for grades 3 to 8 with the most recent year of testing weighted the highest. 


To review the district’s most recent Report Card, click HERE for a link to the Department of Public Instruction Page.


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