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COVID-19 and Illness Guidelines Released for 2022-23 School Year

Illness and COVID-19 guidelines for the 2022-2023 school year have been finalized by the Nursing Department. COVID-19 information has been updated on the Health Services page of the District website.

What Has Not Changed

  • Nursing will not contact trace or send classroom notifications per the School Board decision in the Spring.

  • COVID-19 testing will be available for students and staff in the free-standing trailer in the Fisher Administration Building parking lot. 

  • If diagnosed with COVID-19, students and staff must stay home for five days (day zero is the day symptoms first appeared, count five days, day six is when student/staff can return to school/programming).

  • Good handwashing and frequent cleaning of high-touch objects will continue to be encouraged.  

  • Sanitizing stations and wipes will be provided by Buildings + Grounds. 

  • Staff members and students may wear a mask if they desire. The Buildings + Grounds Department will provide masks to schools as long as supplies last. 

What Has Changed

  • Per DHS, at-home test results can now be used for public health decision making, including determining when to return to school. The Wauwatosa School District will now accept verbal confirmation of a student or staff’s at-home COVID test.

  • According to DPI’s guidance, sick students who cannot immediately test for COVID-19 may return to school without testing as their symptoms allow. Additional illness information can be found here.

  • We will not have on-demand COVID testers in schools to test students or staff. 

  • Testing at the trailer in the Fisher Administration Building parking lot will only be available for students and staff members - not their family members. The testing trailer is open from 8-11 am, Monday through Friday, effective immediately. Additional testing information can be found here

  • School meals are no longer available free of charge. Costs for meals can be found here

  • Staff will use sick time and/or FMLA for any illness, including COVID-19. FMLA can be requested on day four of the staff member’s absence. If a staff member does not have sick leave available, their time off will be unpaid. FMLA cannot be used if a staff member’s child care provider is closed due to COVID-19. 

It is predicted that there will be an increase in all respiratory illnesses this fall and winter, and we should expect to see an increase in illness-related absences that are not due to COVID-19.  People heal faster when they rest and take care of themselves. When students and staff share that they are sick, please encourage them to stay home until they are feeling better, even if they have tested negative for COVID. Virtual access to classroom instruction during COVID isolation and/or quarantine will not be made available this year, as we want students who are ill to rest at home and get better without the expectation of virtual learning. Additionally, sporadic and unannounced virtual learning is an undue and unpredictable expectation for our teaching staff. Rare exceptions will continue to be made to provide access to virtual instruction on a case-by-case basis. 

Designated staff members will re-engage students and accelerate their learning upon the student’s return to the classroom. 

Questions about the updated COVID-19 guidelines may be shared with your building principal or the nurse that serves your child’s school.