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EFW Grants Almost $104,000 to School District Educators to Bring Innovative Learning Tools and Opportunities to District Students Next Year

he Education Foundation of Wauwatosa has awarded $50,275, its largest single grant amount ever, to two school district educators who plan to bring Grey’s Anatomy-level technology to the classroom next fall.


Tom Schneider and Tina Koch collaborated to write a grant requesting an Anatomage Virtual Lab Table, placing the world's most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system at students’ fingertips. Only a handful of other high schools in the country have this resource, usually found at the world’s leading medical schools and institutions.


The interactive, digital device allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, pathology and even surgical planning, provides life-size modeling of the body’s systems and offers hands-on dissectible human and animal cadavers in precise 3D digital imagery. Students throughout the district in several different classes will have the opportunity to use the table, which will be housed at West High School.


“Because we are celebrating 30 years as a grant-giving organization, our board voted to maximize our funding formula to the fullest amount allowed in our bylaws and bring this exclusive learning tool to Wauwatosa,” says LaShonda Hill, EFW president. “It fosters a mindset of advanced skill development, promotes innovation in the classroom and enhances the learning experience of students at all ability levels.”


In the grant application, Koch and Schneider describe the Anatomage Table as a game-changer for the district’s science program. “We recognize an urgent demand to draw future generations into science, technology, engineering and math fields…the need for foundational courses designed to engage more students, to spark the interests of our future leaders and to access and support new information is paramount,” it says.


The EFW has also voted to fund six other projects:


Paddles Up - $5,698

East High School – Teri Kandel and Andrew Thompson

The school will receive four standing paddle boards, four sit-in kayaks and two sit-on-top kayaks to use in the newly constructed aquatic center. Students will have the opportunity to explore lifelong recreational water activities while being physically active.


Industrial Lasers Create Industrial Skills - $20,020

East High School – Craig Griffie. East Technical Education and FabLab will receive an industrial-grade laser which will complement equipment already in place and round out the production capabilities for students. Students will now be able to create authentic projects that are driven by industry needs.


Safety, Connection, Problem-Solving - $2,972

Lincoln and Underwood Elementary Schools – Chloe Barranco, Allyssa Merlo, Taylor Scoon and Rene Taugner

The Tosa Tots program at both Lincoln and Underwood will receive social-emotional curriculum materials that will help equip students with the communication skills needed to manage themselves, resolve conflict, and develop healthy behavior.


Unity Garden - $3,005

East High School – Ricki Tierney along with students Michela Miller, Margaret Kasdorf, Sienna Daniels, & Elizabeth Cady Tosa East’s courtyard will be transformed by various clubs, classes and grade levels that will produce benches, garden beds and artwork to will adorn the courtyard where students and staff can gather for learning and enjoyment. 


Improving Students’ Ability to Learn Through Riding Bicycles - $6,660

Lincoln and Underwood Elementary Schools – Tanya Jahr. Early Childhood, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten classes at both Underwood and Lincoln schools will be able to ride bikes individually or in groups while building strength, stamina, coordination and balance all while exercising the brain. Bike riding requires body and spatial awareness, motor planning, attention, and focus.


Student Affinity Groups - $15,000

Each and West High School – administrative leadership team. Students at both high schools along with facilitators will be able to question, innovate, problem solve and lead meaning change to ensure a culture where all students feel a sense of belonging.


In August 2020, the EFW donated $30,000 to the school district to buy Chromebooks for students who needed them for online learning.