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May 25, 2017                                                                                  

Washington Post names East and West High Schools on America’s Most Challenging High Schools list

The Washington Post has named both Wauwatosa School District high schools – East and West – on its annual “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” list. Just 34 high schools in Wisconsin made the list.

According to the Washington Post, America’s Most Challenging High Schools ranks schools through an index formula. The formula takes the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests given at a school each year, divided by the number of seniors who graduated that year.

Advanced Placement or AP courses are similar to introductory college courses and allow students to experience the rigor of college course work and also an opportunity to earn college credit.

In 2016, 88% of graduating seniors in the Wauwatosa School District had taken at least one AP course and a combined total of ((insert number from Michelle)) AP tests were given between the two high schools.

“Being recognized on this list, knowing the formula it uses, further highlights our work as a district to increase the equity and overall participation in AP courses, and ultimately exams,” said Superintendent Phil Ertl. “We have made great strides in this area and will continue toward our goal of having every student who graduates take at least one AP course, which we know is an indicator of success in college.”

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