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School Board Brief: January 14 Meeting

Highlights of January 14, 2019, Wauwatosa School Board meeting:

*Please note, these are not official minutes. Minutes of each meeting are approved at the next regular Board meeting.

On January 14, the Board approved the following:

  •  Minutes – December 10, 2018, regular meeting.
  •  Personnel Matters – Resignations, Hires.
  •  $6,458,938.61 in vouchers for the month.
  • Donations including instruments and band equipment from Walter A. Donohue to Roosevelt Elementary School and Wauwatosa West High School, etching and other misc. pictures for the archives at McKinley Elementary School by The Jean C. Guenther Estate, financial donation from Fish Cheeks of Wauwatosa for Madison Elementary students in need of assistance with lunch payments.
  • Administrative contract of Janelle McGee as Recreation Department Director.
  • Update of Policy 6320, Purchasing -- The following is added to the policy: As it pertains to the November 2018 Referendum projects only, when the purchase of, change order for, and contract for, single items of supplies, materials, or equipment amounts to $250,000 or more, Board approval is required. Purchase of, change order for, and contract for, single items of supplies, materials, or equipment amounting to less than 250,000 does not require Board approval.

The board was provided updates on or discussed the following:

  • Equity Plan Update -- Willie Garrison, Supervisor of Equity & Student Services, provided an equity plan update to the Board, focusing on the progress in each of the five equity pillars. Equity Instructional coach, Mike Brock, assisted Mr. Garrison. Three members of Tosa Together commented on their support for the Black Lit class, funding resources, community involvement and concerns of cultural sensitivity.
  • Preliminary Referendum Financing Discussion -- Mike Clark of Robert W. Baird & Co. provided a preliminary referendum financing discussion including a plan to minimize the loss of state aid due to the state aid funding formula.
  • Student School Board Representative Report -- Student School Board representatives, Ms. Donovan (East) and Ms. Boyd (West) presented an update on the activities happening in their schools. During public comment on non-agenda items, both students thanked the Board for the opportunity to serve, commenting on their growth from the experience.
  • WASB Proposed Resolutions -- WASB delegate and Board President Shawn Rolland discussed the proposed resolutions package and sought input on how to vote on them at the upcoming WASB state convention.
  • Legislative Advocacy Committee Update -- Co-chairs, Dr. Eric Jessup-Anger and Leigh Anne Fraley discussed the Resolution in Support of Increasing Special Education Funding in Wisconsin Public Schools to 90% of the Cost Incurred as drafted by the Legislative Advocacy Committee. Sharon Muehlfeld provided an update on her meeting with Representative Hutton in which she discussed effective ways to communicate with legislators that will positively affect Wauwatosa.
  • School Board Elections -- Nomination papers are in for School Board Seats #1, #2 and #3 for the spring election on April 2, 2019. Candidates in Seats #1, #2 and #3 will be running unopposed with incumbent Shawn Rolland in Seat #1, incumbent Mike Meier in Seat #2 and incumbent Eric Jessup-Anger in Seat #3.


Following the regular meeting, the board adjourned into in-service to discuss the Superintendent Performance Review Goal Matrix.


To read more in-depth about any of the items approved above, click here to view the Wauwatosa School Board agenda and here to watch the board meeting.