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Wauwatosa School District hires third-party consultant to help manage referendum projects



The Wauwatosa School District has hired an independent third-party Owner’s Representative to help the District manage all referendum-related projects over the next three years.


During its meeting on Monday, December 10, the Wauwatosa School Board approved the contract for Curt Wiebelhaus of Building Solutions. An Owner’s Representative works to represent the interests of the District throughout a construction project and in conjunction with the construction manager and architectural firm.


Wiebelhaus served as a consultant to the District during the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for a construction manager during the facilities planning process in 2017.


Superintendent Phil Ertl told the Board Wiebelhaus knows the ins and outs of the process and will be an asset that works directly for the District.


“We will take the foundation that was created (during the RFP process for the construction manager) and make sure we have a project and process that is competitive throughout its course and make sure we are getting the best value for the District and the community,” Wiebelhaus told the Board.


In his role, Wiebelhaus will help review and reconcile contracts. If the construction manager is allowed to bid on self-performed work, the owner’s representative, in conjunction with the District, will assure subcontractor bids are considered and evaluated fairly to help ensure competition. Additionally, the owner’s representative will help:

  • Review pay applications from the architect, construction manager, subcontractors, vendors and Owner (district) purchases. 
  • Track budgeted cost against the actual cost to ensure the budget is maintained.


View the school board agenda here.


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