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Pupil + Family Services Engagement Sessions Scheduled for August 2022

As we continue to prepare for the upcoming school year, it’s important that our community has the opportunity to meet the team members in our Division of Pupil + Family Services, including: 

Mr. Luke Pinion, Chief of Pupil + Family Supports

Ms. LaShawnda Holland, Director of Diversity + Inclusion

Ms. Stacy Klemm, Director of Special Education

Ms. Emilie O’Connor, Director of Student Success 

Ms. Laura Geisler, School Safety Coordinator

These individuals will be providing support and guidance to staff members in our school buildings including: 

  • Mental Health + Social Emotional Specialists
  • Social Workers
  • School Counselors
  • Special Education Coordinators
  • School Psychologists
  • Occupational/Physical Therapists 
  • Speech + Language Pathologists
  • Academic + Career Planning Coordinator 
  • English As a Second Language (ELL) Staff 
  • School Nurses
  • Student Supervisors
  • School Resource Officers 

To facilitate open and equitable dialogue in a safe environment, the Division of Pupil + Family Services will be holding two 90-minute community engagement sessions at the Fisher Administration Building (Conference Room C) on Thursday, August 11 and Thursday, August 18 from 5:30 to 7 pm. A virtual option will be available for both sessions via Zoom at If you are in need of interpreting services, please contact Ms. Debbie Hoppe at (414) 773-1085 or email

Childcare will be available for meeting attendees. Please complete this form if you are in need of childcare during the session. Please note that staff will be unable to administer medication to children during this time.

All members of the community are encouraged to attend at least one session to meet the team, ask questions and provide perspectives. 

At these sessions, Mr. Pinion, Ms. Holland, Ms. Klemm, Ms. O’Connor and Ms. Geisler will each deliver a brief presentation that provides insight into who they are, their experience and the steps they will be taking in the coming weeks/months to support our educational community. 

We hope you are able to attend one of these valuable sessions!