School Specific Information


    Dear McKinley Families,

    This handbook is a resource that provides important information to ensure a positive experience for your child and family at McKinley School. Please keep this as a ready reference along with the Wauwatosa
    School District Calendar that is mailed to every household in August, and the McKinley School PTO Directory, which is published in October. This handbook is subject to change, so other forms of communication remain important should updates be necessary. Please continue to rely on all other forms of continuous communication such as the weekly PTO newsletter; assignment notebooks; newsletters; progress reports; and notes, phone calls, and e-mails to and from the teacher.

    McKinley Mission Statement:
    Our mission is to create a united effort between the school, home, and community. Our goal is to provide a
    positive, safe environment which promotes respect for authority, self, others, and property. Together, we
    seek to individualize education for all learners and help children reach their fullest potential.

    At McKinley our School Motto reminds us…
    Together We Can –
     make this a great learning environment for all students
     make this a place that welcomes all families and encourages their involvement
     make this an outstanding place to work
    Working together at McKinley, we can provide the best educational experiences for your child and for your
    family. At McKinley School, the staff and families together can create a culture of continuous improvement
    for our children. Any suggestions to further improve the student handbook are welcome. If questions arise
    with answers that can't be found in this handbook, please make note of them so they can be included in the
    next revision.


    Jean Hoffmann