Wisconsin Math League

  • Wisconsin Math League (formerly Mu Alpha Theta) is the National High School and Junior College Mathematics Club.  Any student interested in mathematics may attend the meetings of the Wauwatosa West Chapter of the Wisconsin Math League. To be a member, a student must have completed the Algebra and Geometry courses and have a grade point average for these courses of 3.25 if the courses were taken in the honors track and a 3.5 if they were taken in the regular track.  The students are required to attend at least five meetings per year to earn a certificate of participation.  There are two types of meetings that occur throughout the year. There are numerous presentations that members put on throughout the year, and there are six math contests that the members may participate in throughout the year. Before the math contests are given there is a lottery to determine teams.  Throughout the year, team scores are tallied and awards are given to the top teams.  For more information contact Jill Schmid at schmidji@wauwatosa.k12.wi.us .

Contact Information

  • Jill Schmid