Forensics Team

  • Thank you for your interest in the Wauwatosa East Forensics Team!  Last year, our team of 35 students competed at 9 tournaments over the course of the 2019 season. We had two state champions (Autumn Cortright and Brenna Powers) and three CFL national qualifiers (Ava Beisenstein, Brenna Powers, and Trevor Schmitt-Ernst). The 2019 team were GMC Conference Champions and earned 3rd place in Division 2 at the WFCA State Tournament!


    What is forensics?

    Forensics is an academic sport in which high school speakers are ranked against one another at weekly tournaments between January and April. (There is also a national tournament in May for those who qualify).  There are 18 categories in which students may compete:


    • Demonstration Speaking

    • Duo Interpretation*

    • Extemporaneous Speaking

    • Farrago

    • Group Interpretive Reading*

    • Impromptu Speaking

    • Informative Speaking

    • Moments in History

    • Oral Interpretation of Literature

    • Oratory

    • Play Acting*

    • Poetry Interpretation

    • Prose Interpretation

    • Radio Announcing

    • Solo Acting Humorous

    • Solo Acting Serious

    • Special Occasion Speaking

    • Storytelling

    *These are group categories; first-year competitors must compete in individual categories.


    What kind of time commitment is forensics?

    • September: Informational meetings and signup.

    • October-December: Weekly rehearsals; one team meeting per month.

    • January-April : Saturday tournaments; weekly rehearsals continue.



    If you have any questions about forensics, don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Balcerak. He’s the head coach (and is also an English teacher) here at Tosa East. You can usually find Mr. Balcerak in his room (274). He’s also happy to respond to emails at Information and announcements are also posted regularly on the team’s Facebook page, which is called “Wauwatosa East Forensics.” Finally, if you want to learn more about the categories and competitions, visit  

Contact Information


    Jon Balcerak, English Dept. 

    Ext. 2126


    Sue Volz, Special Education Dept. 

    Ext. 2251


    Chelsea Drenning, English Dept. 

    Ext. 2272