• An election for the School Board is to be held in Wauwatosa on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

    The Wauwatosa School Board consists of seven community members who are elected at-large by Wauwatosa voters.

    Members are elected to a three-year term with elections held for three members one year, and four members the next year. There is no election in the third year unless there is a vacant seat to fill. Members serve on a voluntary basis with no financial compensation. 

    At the end of three years, members may run for re-election. Elections are held in April and terms begin with the Board's next meeting. If a vacancy occurs during a term, the Board will appoint someone to the role until the next election for the district.

    The Board holds an annual reorganization meeting on or within thirty (30) days after the fourth Monday in April. The meeting is called to order by the ranking officer of the preceding Board who shall serve as presiding officer until the election of the Board President. The Board also elects, from among its members, a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and a Clerk. Such election shall occur on or within thirty (30) days after the fourth (4th) Monday in April.

Filing for Candidacy

  • The filing deadline has now passed for School Board candidates to appear on the Spring 2023 election ballot. 

Spring 2023 Election Candidates

  • Candidates running for School Board in the April 2023 election are as follows: 

    Phillip Morris, Seat 4

    Liz Heimerl-Rolland, Seat 5
    Christopher Zirbes, Seat 5

    Daniel Gugala, Seat 6
    Lynne Woehrle, Seat 6
    Jessica Willis, Seat 7
    Mike Zollicoffer Jr., Seat 7

Candidate Forums

  • Information about upcoming candidate forums will be published here.