Discipline Data

  • Given the introduction of the District’s disciplinary framework in 2022, the 2022-2023 school year will serve as a time to re-establish baseline numbers in our behavior and discipline data.

    These data include the overall number of office discipline referrals, in-school suspensions, out-of-school suspensions, manifestation determination meetings, administrative hearings, and expulsions at both the District and school levels. We continue to improve the consistency of recording behavioral data in our schools to ensure we are making appropriate comparisons across all school buildings. Though much progress has been made, we are still working hard to ensure our staff identify, record, and intervene in similar manners in every classroom and every school when it comes to behavior and discipline.

    Click here to view 2022-23 Semester One Discipline Data

Strategic Plan Dashboard

  • The Strategic Plan Dashboard is a tool used to measure progress toward the goal areas and strategic objectives articulated in our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. Each tab within the dashboard represents one goal area within the Strategic Plan. 

    Click here to access the dashboard

School Growth Plans

  • The Wauwatosa School District believes in the value of continuous improvement. Each of our schools develops an annual School Growth Plan, which is a critical component of school improvement. Leaders in the Division of Academic Performance - including the Director of Continuous Improvement and Chief Academic Officer - and the District Superintendent provide support and guidance to building principals, and ensure the necessary systems are in place to support principals' success. Each school develops its Growth Plan, and communicates that plan with their educational community. Ongoing engagement between building principal, staff, parents/guardians and community members is a key component in the implementation of the School Growth Plan. 

    A School Growth Plan Tracker will be added to this page for families and community members to review the progress toward goals outlined in each School Growth Plan.

    A link to each School Growth Plan can be found below. Please note that our building principals are actively engaging in planning, implementation, data collection, progress monitoring and more on a regular basis. If you have questions about a School Growth Plan, please contact the building principal. 

School Growth Plan Tracker

  • Coming soon!

Student Achievement Data

  • The Wauwatosa School District values continuous growth and improvement. As a District we are continually monitoring our leading and lagging indicators to support student learning and growth. This dashboard provides lagging indicator data of student achievement by building from the 2021-2022 school year. This is one piece of data we use to inform our decision making as we enter into the school year and study our work from the past school year. In an effort to ensure confidentiality of our students in small demographic groups, we have only included data by overall grade level. If you wish to see more specific data related to demographics groups you can view those on WISEdash Public Portal.

    Click here to access student achievement data by school