Open Records



    The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to maintain the public records of this District and to make such records available to residents of Wisconsin for inspection and reproduction.

    The public records of this District include any writing prepared, owned, used, in the possession of, or retained by the District, its Board, officers, or employees to the extent that such writings are within the definition of public records under applicable law.

    Any person may make a request for any public records of the District. The person may inspect, copy, or receive copies of the public records requested. The District shall respond as soon as practicable and without delay to the requestor, providing the requested documents or informing the requestor of the District's intent to deny access to the records and a specific explanation regarding the decision to deny access.

    A resident may purchase copies of the District's public records upon payment of a fee. No public record may be removed from the office in which it is maintained except by a Board officer or employee in the course of the performance of his/her duties.

    If your request is for transcripts, grade reports or proof of graduation, please contact the high school from which you graduated or the school you most recently attended.

    Submission and Receipt

    The District processes open records requests via an online service.  That service can be accessed by clicking the hyperlink at the bottom of this page.

    Requestors are encouraged to create an account on that service.  Creating an account will allow a requestor to collate submitted requests and responses in one location, view request status, and receive automated status communications related to the requests.  

    Creating an account is not required.  Requests can be submitted anonymously.  By choosing to submit a request anonymously, it will be the requestor's responsibility to keep track of the reference number provided with the submittal and proactively check the Open Records Request Portal for all information associated with the request.