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    Class Name: Creastive Drama ( Grades K4-1)

    Description: Students will be introduced to creative dramatization, rhythmic movement of music, creative storytelling, and use of props.  This is a great opportunity for youngsters to learn the basics of acting.

    Location: Longfellow Middle School

    Price: $48(R)/$63(NR)


    • Saturday's 9/24-11/12 ( 9:00-10:00am) Activity Code: 148010-01
    • Saturday's 9/24-11/12 ( 10:00-11:00am) Actiivty Code: 148010-02


    Class Name: Beginning Actor's workshop ( Grades 2-6)

    Description: Discover the basic fundamentals of acting, including: stage directions, facial expressions, vocal expressions, gestures, and auditioning. 

    Location: Longfellow Middle School



    • Saturday's 9/24-11/12 (9:00-10:00am) Activity Code: 148030-01
    • Saturday's 9/24-11/12 (10:00am011:00am) Activity Code: 148030-02

    Class Name: Intermediate Drama ( Grades 3-8)

    Description: Advance study and presentation including voice creativity, satge movement, character interaction, and aspects of play production.  A presentation of dramatic scene, play or reading will complete the workshop. 

    Prerequisite: Must have taken at least one session of beginning actor's workshop.

    Location: Longfellow Middle School



    • Saturday's 9/24-11/12 (10:00-11:30am) Activity Code: 148040-01