Referendum Construction Updates

  • The Wauwatosa School District will provide monthly updates on referendum construction projects on this page. Updates will be posted toward the end of each month, once the construction begins in the summer of 2019. While links to updates on this page will be shared in the District Newsletter and on District social media channels, we encourage you to bookmark this page and check back often for updates. 

  • July 31, 2019 

    Exciting changes are underway at Lincoln and Underwood Elementary Schools! The first concrete has been poured at each of the sites to create the new buildings' foundations (footings).

    At Lincoln, the foundations for the new building will require an estimated 468 cubic yards of concrete. Sitting atop the foundations will be a concrete slab, commonly referred to in construction as Slab on Grade (S.O.G), that will require an estimated 341 cubic yards of concrete. Together the foundations and Slab on Grade will create the base for the rest of the new building to sit upon. Within the concrete, to strengthen it, steel reinforcing bars will also be set. Steel reinforcing bar is typically measured in tons. The necessary amount of rebar estimated for Lincoln Elementary School is nearly 46 tons!

    Read more about each of our active referendum-funded construction projects by clicking the links below.

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    June 26, 2019

    Click on the links below for the June construction update for each of the five active construction projects we have going on currently. 

     West & Roosevelt Referendum Project Construction Update (PDF)

    Underwood Elementary Construction Update   (PDF)

    Lincoln Elementary Construction Update (PDF)

    East High School Construction Update (PDF)


    June 19, 2019 -- Lincoln Elementary School

    The City of Wauwatosa Design Review Board approved the building design of the new Lincoln Elementary School, with a few landscaping conditions, during its meeting on Thursday, June 6. There were no significant changes to the building design, though the renderings are more refined. As part of the process for obtaining a building permit, the project was also approved by the Plan Commission on June 10 the Wauwatosa Common Council on Tuesday, June 18.

    April 30, 2019 - Underwood Elementary School 

    The Wauwatosa School District has been approved to move forward with its design and plans for the new Underwood Elementary School to be constructed beginning summer of 2019. The City of Wauwatosa Common Council approved the Conditional Use Permit to construct a new school– required for all new construction - on Tuesday, April 16. The City Plan Commission recommended approval with a 7-0 vote and the City Design Review Board has also approved the exterior building design.  Photos of the approved design can be seen below.