• Design and Construction Timeline




    Referendum District-Wide Upgrades Schedule Details

    Summer 2019 Capital Improvements- Roosevelt Elementary, East High School, West High School projects

    • Roosevelt closed for summer. East Maintains summer school programs. West maintains summer school programs except for Center for Design and Innovation (tech ed area).
    • Summer School at Lincoln to be moved to Longfellow (2019 & 2020) and summer programming at Roosevelt moves to Washington.

    Summer 2020 Capital Improvements - Washington, Jefferson, and Madison Elementary; Whitman Middle School projects

    • Washington, Jefferson, Madison buildings closed for the summer - summer programming at all three moves to Roosevelt. 
    • Whitman maintains summer school/other programs.

    Summer 2021 Capital Improvements - Eisenhower, Montessori, Longfellow

    • Eisenhower building closed for summer. Summer School moves to Whitman Middle School.
    • Montessori building closed for the summer. Summer School moves to Underwood Elementary.
    • Longfellow maintains summer school and programs

    *Information about arrangements for summer school or programming during the summer of 2020 and 2021 is tentative and could change.