Equity Instructional Coaches

  • Instructional coaches are typically experienced classroom teachers who have moved away from full-time teaching to work directly with other teachers and help them improve their practice.

    Responsibilities of instructional coaches include:

    • Coaching teachers, especially those new to our district, with a focus on:
      • Curriculum: what students learn
      • Instruction: how students learn
      • Assessment: how we know students learn. This often includes classroom observations, as well as pre-observation and post-observation conversations.
    • Planning and conducting professional development for teachers
    • Facilitating meetings
    • Planning with administrators

    Equity Instructional coaches are doing the above specifically through a lens of equity.

    Overarching Goals of Coaches

    • Support equitable student achievement through the implementation of district initiatives by building teacher capacity, especially with teachers who are new to the district.
    • Work with teachers, using evidence-based practices, to move the district’s equity work from implicit to explicit and to nurture culturally responsive classrooms.
    • Serve as a liaison among stakeholders, for example between administrators and teachers or among teachers.
  • StaffPhoto

    Michael Brock

    Instructional Coach-Equity 

    Phone: (414) 773-1691


    Schools: Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Madison, Underwood, and Washington Elementary

  • StaffPhoto

    Tracy Carus

    Instructional Coach-Equity 

    Phone: (414) 773-1392


    Schools: Wauwatosa Montessori, McKinley, Wilson, Jefferson, and Lincoln Elementary