College Search Resources

  • Things to consider when searching for a college or university...

    • What type of school do you want to attend? (Public/Private, 4 year/2 year, etc.)
    • Where is it located? (In state/Out of state, Distance, Big City/Rural, Weather, Family)
    • What majors do they offer?(Liberal Arts/ Performance, Ability to change, Guidance for undecided, Direct Entry/General)
    • Cost (in state/out of state, grants/scholarships/loans, renewable aid vs. freshman year, etc.)
    • Do they offer any academic credit for AP courses?
    • What are the student life opportunities?(Sports, Clubs, Fraternities/Sororities, Professional organizations, Campus jobs)
    • Is the campus diverse?(Multicultural opportunities, Different age groups, Students from different locations/countries, etc.)
    • Can I study abroad?(Cost, number of opportunities, availability with academic program, etc.)
    • Are freshman required to live on campus? (On campus/Off-campus opportunities, transportation, meal plans, etc.)

Reduced Tuition Information