School Specific Information

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What time does school start and end?

    We have a Soft Start in the morning from 8:00 - 8:20 am each day. 

    Wilson/WSTEM starts at 8:20 am each morning. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, our day ends at 3:20 pm, and on Wednesday our day ends at 2:20 pm. 

    Please continue to utilize our Safe Routes to School traffic patterns. If you are using the Hug-n-Go, please remain in your car and pull all the way forward. No parking in the Hug-n-Go cutouts. We are trying to make this a quick drop-off option for parents that allows traffic to keep moving.


    What after-school care is offered?

    We have a program called Right At School that utilizes our space. They offer before and after school care, as well as a JK wrap-around program. For more information, please contact Right At School by calling 414-773-1991, or visiting their website:

    On Wednesday, the Wauwatosa Recreation Department offers an I Can’t Wait for Wednesday program from 2:20-4 pm. Registration can be done online here: or by filling out flyers available at the school.


    What should I do if my child will not be at school/arriving late/leaving early?

    You can notify the school of any absence by calling 414-773-1902 (our attendance line).

    If your child will be arriving late, please call the attendance line and notify their teacher. 

    If your child is leaving early, please call the office at 414-773-1900 and come to the Portland Ave doors to sign them out.


    I need to reserve a space for my group/club/school event. What should I do?

    Carie Miller will assist you with all of your building reservation needs. You will need to fill out a building permit in the office detailing the date, time, location, and equipment needs for your meeting/event or email Carie at She will follow-up with you regarding your request and add it to our calendar. 


    What is the policy for cancelling school/staying inside for recess due to weather?

    Principals are asked to allow students into the buildings early and remain in for recess if temps are dangerously low. According to the National Weather Service wind chill chart, it is safe to be outside for short periods of time with proper clothing at -17 temp/wind chill. Most of our principals use -5 temp/ wind chill as their cut off as to when we keep students in. This decision is left up to each principal. As always, if parents feel it is too dangerous to send their children to school, that is their call.

    If it is raining or too cold, pink signs will be placed on all entrances notifying parents and students to

    come inside. If school is cancelled due to weather, you will receive an email from the district offices.


    How will I be informed about what is happening at Wilson/WSTEM?

    Wilson/WSTEM will send communication weekly via email on Thursdays with our Team Together Tidbits informing parents of our schedule for the upcoming week, additional activities/flyers, and PTSA updates. We email a monthly newsletter with our monthly calendar, updates from specialists, and PTSA events.

    Wilson/WSTEM also posts about upcoming events on Facebook and Twitter. Flyers for upcoming events and registration will be distributed in weekly folders.

    Have a question about an upcoming event or anything else? Please feel free to contact the office at 414-773-1900.