Complete Student Handbook (Printable)


    Students need to be in school every day unless they are ill or have other justifiable cause for absence.  We can only teach children when they are present and they learn from the social context of school. Teachers prepare interesting motivating lessons involving group work, experiments and classroom practice.  Much of what we do cannot be made up at home. You can help us maintain good attendance by:

    • Making doctor and dental appointments after school or on days off,
    • Planning vacation and out of town trips when school is not in session, and
    • Setting a good example with your own attendance at work.

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District’s Attendance Policy



    If a child becomes ill at school they will be allowed to rest for a short period of time in the health room.  If they are unable to return to class parent/guardians will be notified and asked to pick the child up and take them home to rest and recover.  To return to school after illness your child must:

    • Be without vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours without the use of medications, and be able to keep down food and water.
    • Be without an uncontrolled or persistent cough
    • Have an oral temperature less than 100 degrees without the use of medications
    • Feel well enough to take part in a regular school day

    Please review the information below when determining if a child should be kept at home.


    Communicable Disease

    Report all cases of communicable disease as soon as possible to the school office and the Wauwatosa Health Department at 414-479-8936. Students should be kept home from school if they exhibit any signs of a communicable disease.


    Doctor/Dental Appointments

    Appointments should be scheduled outside of the school day and during vacations.  If this is not possible, excused absences will be granted if you provide a doctor’s excuse. Per Wisconsin statutes, doctor’s note excusing students for chronic illnesses must be renewed every 30 days.  Teachers work hard developing lesson plans. You can help by scheduling all non-emergency appointments when school is not in session.


    Returning to School After Absence

    Students should present a note from a parent stating the nature of the illness or absence in order to be re-admitted by the principal or authorized representative, unless this was stated on the message left for absence.  For absences of five (5) days or longer due to illness, a note from a physician with reason for absence is required. When possible, it is desirable to notify the school in advance if your child is going to be absent for reasons other than illness. For any absence, it is suggested that parents call the office to request that assignments be collected for pickup after school or sent home with another sibling/student.  The school office is open until 4:00 p.m.


    Our children are learning life-long habits and it is our job as adults to help them learn the skill and importance of timeliness.  Please help your child learn to be on time by coming to school on time. Coming in late, your child regularly misses the opportunity to be greeted by everyone, settle into the day, learn the schedule for the day and generally get off to a positive start.  We ask that parents work with the school to ensure that students arrive on time.

    • Your child is expected to arrive at school and enter at the first bell at 8:15 a.m. A tardy bell rings at 8:25 a.m.
    • If your child is late for school, please escort him/her report to the school office or have them present a note from you explaining the reasons for tardiness.  He/she will be marked “excused tardy” and then sent to their homeroom. A student who comes to school tardy without a phone call or note from a parent will be marked “unexcused tardy”.
    • Parents, teachers, and the principal will address cases of chronic tardiness.

    Process for Notification:

    • 5 tardies - Teacher notification and phone call home
    • 10 tardies - Contact from principal and conversation along with letter home
    • 15 tardies - Conference with principal, teacher, and other school personnel (Social Worker, Counselor) additional letter sent home.
    • 20-25 tardies - Warning letter sent from School/S.R.O., referral to Wauwatosa Circuit Court for Tardiness/Truancy Citation

    Please click here to review the Wisconsin State Statute 118.15 and 118.16 - Answers to Frequently Asked Compulsory School Attendance Questions Document


    School Security: Raptor Sign-In Information

    The District utilizes the Raptor vSoft visitor registration system which enhances school security by reading the government issued photo ID's of visitors at every building. This system is in place to keep unwanted visitors from entering our buildings while helping track those that are in the building in case of emergency.


    Visitations should be pre-scheduled with the school office or classroom teacher.  All visitors should stop in the office and obtain Raptor registration and visitor pass.  

    Crossing Guards

    A school crossing guard is on duty for very limited amounts of time, typically about 15 minutes before and after school.  Children should not enter the street until the crossing guard has stopped all traffic and has given permission to cross. The crossing guard company is hired by the City of Wauwatosa, not the school district.  Parents should call Wauwatosa City Hall, 414-479-8915 if they have questions or concerns about crossing guard services. Crossing guard schedules may change on a yearly basis. If your child walks to school, please check for any changes.

    Inclement Weather

    The District will send out an automated phone message, email or text message to notify families of a school closing due to weather.  Information about the closing of schools will be broadcast on these area stations television stations: WTMJ – Ch. 4, WITI – Ch. 6, WISN – Ch. 12, WDJT – Ch. 58. In addition, school closing information will be posted on the homepage of the district website, and on district social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. If school is held under conditions you believe to be unsafe, you have the option of keeping your child at home. The school will respect your decision, however, please remember to call the attendance line.

    Field Trip Or Other School-Sponsored Activities

    Prior to participating in school field trips, students must return a signed field trip parental consent form to the supervising teacher. All school rules and regulations fully apply to students while participating in field trips.  If we cannot guarantee a student’s safety utilizing all of the resources we have available, we will request a parent attend the field trip with their student. If a parent is unable to attend, and we cannot guarantee their student’s safety, we reserve the right to exclude that student from the field trip and provide them with an alternate activity to meet the curriculum requirements.

    Late Buses

    The district offers late bus pick-up for students who participate in the Chapter 220 agreement with Milwaukee Public Schools. This is for students who participate in after-school activities, clubs or organizations that meet at school.  The late bus picks students up at 4:30 p.m. and drops them off at their home.  Each child is responsible for notifying his/her parent/guardian if they will be staying late.  Children need parental permission to stay late and must follow the schedule. If we do not have parental permission, the child will be placed on their regular after school bus.


    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School Districts Entrance Age and Early Entrance Criteria Administrative Guidelines.  


    Proof of Residency:

    The items listed below are required to prove residency.  These items are necessary to complete any registration in the Wauwatosa School District:

    1. Mortgage document or property tax bill or lease/rental agreement showing landlord’s name and phone number.
    2. Current utility bill sent to your home showing your name and address.
    3. Your child’s Birth Certificate (original)
    4. Your child’s Immunization Records (most up-to-date).

    Non-resident Information

    Eligibility of Resident Nonresident - For more information please contact 414-773-1080

    Please click the link to review the Resident/Nonresident Administrative Guidelines

    Non Discrimination and Access to Equal Educational Opportunities

    Please click the link to review the Wauwatosa School District’s Equal Educational Opportunities Administrative Guidelines.  

    Forms and Fees


    Texts, workbooks and supplies will be furnished by the Board of Education.  The fee schedule is determined each year and will be noted in a summer letter to families.  Fees for half-day programs (EC and JK) are $35.00/year; fees for full-day programs (SK-5th) are $55.00/year.  All resident and non-resident students pay fees on a yearly basis at the beginning of each school year.  If a family has extenuating financial circumstances, parents may fill out a Waiver Request form to have fees waived for the year.

    Food Service Program - Information from Sodexo

    Sodexo will continue to strive to meet all of the needs of the students and hope that your children will take part in the nutritious, exciting, and fun meal offerings that are part of your school’s hot lunch program.  Our mission is to offer healthy foods that keep students well-nourished so that they perform well in the classroom.

    • Payment System: All students will enter their Student ID number using a keypad to pay for their lunch.  Payments may be made at a child’s school, mailed to the Food Service Office (located at Whitman Middle School) or payments may be made online through Payments dropped off at school should be placed in an envelope stating student name, student ID number and lunch payment amount by check/cash.

    Free and Reduced Lunch

    Families may apply for free or reduced hot lunch/breakfast through an application available at the school office or downloaded from the school district websites.  All families need to re-apply every year. Please allow 10 business days for processing. Benefits go into effect the day the application is processed; benefits are not retroactive.

    Students with accounts that are zero or below will be offered an alternative lunch consisting of one offering bar choice and milk.  There will be a charge if the alternative meal is taken. Notices will be sent with your student when an alternative lunch is given.  Please send payment promptly with your student to avoid any further disruption in meals for your child.

    • Lunch           $2.50/day
    • Reduced       $0.40/day   
    • Milk               $0.35/day
    • Students can also purchase a second entrée for $1.00.  (Please discuss this option with your child before these purchases are made).  Prices subject to change.

    Breakfast:  Breakfast is served at select locations throughout the district.  Please refer to the menu website to see if your school serves breakfast. If your student is receiving free or reduced lunch he/she automatically qualifies for free or reduced breakfast.  

    Early Childhood & Junior Kindergarten

    For schools that provide snack/milk break the district will provide white milk for kindergarten snack break at the cost of $30 per semester.  This is a voluntary program. This program is not a part of National School Lunch Program. We will collect the money at the beginning of the school year and at the end of January.  If you do not want your child to drink milk, please send a nutritious drink from home. No glass bottles or soda are permitted.

    Payment with personal checks:

    Please make checks payable to Wauwatosa School District – Double Check This Information.  There will be a service charge of $15.00 on all returned checks marked non-sufficient funds (NSF).  Parents can monitor their student's account balance by registering online at Once the free registration is completed, parents can select for email notifications, and monitor their student's purchases. With the variety of choices available to your child, we realize there still may be some medical concerns that need to be addressed.  

    Any questions related to Food Services or your child’s meals should be directed to:

    Joe Maiorelle General Manager - Sodexo School Services 414-773-2635


    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District Food Services overview plus access forms and menus.


    Curriculum, Evaluation & Student Services

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School Districts Elementary Curriculum overview:

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District Student Services Information:


    Section 504

    Section 504 refers to a federal civil rights law that protects individuals with physical or mental impairments, which substantially limit their ability to access and participate in the educational program from discrimination.  All students who are identified as students with disabilities under the IDEA are covered by Section 504. In addition, students who do not meet the criteria established under the IDEA but who have a physical or mental disability, which substantially limits their ability to access and participate in the educational program, may be eligible for accommodation under Section 504.  If you have any questions about Section 504 eligibility, please contact the principal, school social worker or psychologist.


    Special Education Services

    All schools in Wauwatosa provide a multi-tiered system of support to meet the needs of all learners. Students with a disability receive special education services.  A referral for a special education evaluation can be made by a parent, teacher, principal or other individuals who believe the child has a disability. Contact the school psychologist with questions about a special education referral and services.


    Exclusion from Physical Education

    The physical education program is an important part of the elementary experience for students.  If a health condition prevents a student from participating in physical activities over an extended period of time, a note from a doctor indicating the limitation is required.  For a student to be excused from physical education for a short period (up to three days) due to a temporary illness or physical condition, a written request from a parent is sufficient.


    Gifted and Talented Services

    All students are unique, have the ability to learn and achieve, and need opportunities for optimal development.  Students with gifts and talents are capable of high performance and require differentiated and challenging educational services beyond those provided in the general school program. Gifted services span all grade levels (SK-12) and areas of gifted and talented identification (General Intellectual, Specific Academic Ability, Creativity, Leadership, and Artistic) and provide a variety of opportunities to students.

    To determine gifted and talented services, multiple assessments are used in conjunction with district criteria. Assessments may include standardized tests, portfolios, selected grade-level classroom assessments, and rating scales.  Initial referrals for gifted and talented services in the areas of General Intellectual and Specific Academic Ability (reading and mathematics) usually come from the district-wide screening of all students' MAP assessments or from the classroom teacher, who has in-depth knowledge and understanding of a student’s abilities.  Principals, other educational staff, or parents may also refer students for gifted education screening. Parents are notified by mail of gifted services provided to their child. The appropriateness of a student’s services is periodically reviewed. This review may result in continuation of the same services or a change in services. At times, it may be determined that student's’ needs can be met through the regular school program and course offerings.  


    School Counselor/Social Worker

    Elementary Student Services staff foster the educational, career and social/emotional development of students throughout their academic careers. The goal is to support students in reaching their full academic potential and enjoy a positive school experience. Student Services staff work with students, parents, and fellow staff members to help students receive the support needed to be successful.  This includes small group sessions, peer mediating, and consultations. Staff also provides assistance with coordinating school or outside agency services. Please contact your school’s main office for more information.  


    School psychologists are assigned to every school in the district on a part-time basis.  School psychologists bring expertise and experience in working with students across the spectrum of needs, and assist in developing programs and interventions for students who may be struggling or advanced.  Psychologists participate as active members of individual student assessment teams, work with staff members in developing interventions for different types of learning needs, and work with students in identifying and minimizing barriers to learning.  The school psychologist is available to work with parents to discuss your child’s learning experience and needs.

    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

    PBIS is an evidence-based framework dedicated to implementing positive behavior interventions that support children in the school setting.  The PBIS framework positively impacts children in the areas of behavior, social-emotional relations and academic achievement. By designing and implementing positive interventions in these areas, teachers and children maximize instruction opportunities and achieve academic success. Each school will send out information regarding PBIS in each elementary school.


    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School Districts Homework overview.

    Report Cards

    The grading/reporting system will be outlined with parents at the classroom orientation meetings at the beginning of each year.  Parents will receive report cards three times a year (after the October conference, after the February conference, after school is out in June).


    School Board Policy #7020 addresses promotion, placement and retention.  It states, “The decision to retain a student should result from careful study and evaluation by the teacher, principal, parent, and building based student support team members.” If a child is to be considered for retention in grade, the parent must be notified as soon as the issue is raised and will be included in discussions about the possibility of retention.  Details of the process used in considering retention are available from the school principal.

    Please click the link to review the Wauwatosa School Districts Retention overview.  

    District & State Wide Testing

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School Districts District & Statewide Testing overview.

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School Districts Assessment windows K-12.

    District and State Assessment Overview

    Health & Safety

    Emergency Evacuation & Drills

    Safety drills, including but not limited to fire, tornado, health, and evacuation are conducted on a monthly basis.   In case of an actual fire or emergency where children and adults cannot return to the building, all staff and students will be escorted off-site and parents will be notified with address and pick-up procedures.

    Emergency School Closing Procedures

    Closing During the School Day

    The normal expectation will be that every effort will be made to adjourn at regular dismissal time.  However, on rare occasions, when maintaining the regular schedule may result in large numbers of students being unable to return home safely, school will be dismissed early.  Parents should:

    • Fill out the emergency school closing card at the beginning of the year so we know who to call in this case.  Notify the school office if any emergency contact information changes throughout the school year.
    • Watch for an automated phone, text, and email messages from the school or District.
    • Listen to area radio/television stations to hear if schools will be closed.
    • Know that elementary students will not be dismissed unless school personnel is certain that students will be properly supervised when they reach home or emergency destinations.

    Closing After-School, Evening & Weekend Programs

    If the schools are closed for emergency reasons, all activities (recreational, athletic, co-curricular, clubs, organizations) will be canceled. 

    Student Family & Emergency Contact Information

    A Student Information page is printed from the information we receive from the family on registration day at the start of each school year.  This information sheet will be distributed at the beginning of each year for updating. Please make any changes on the form, sign and return to the school office as soon as possible.  If you have more than one child at school, you need to fill out one sheet for each child. The emergency contact information is required to let the teacher and principal know what to do with your child if the entire class and school has to be evacuated due to a fire, water main breaks, severe weather, etc.

    Health Concerns During School Day

    When illness or accidents occur at school, children are sent to the office, which is staffed by the administrative assistant and office aide.  Staff provide basic first aid, band-aids, take temperatures, and give lots of TLC. All information concerning the health room and students is strictly confidential.   Our district nurses are available during the school day for questions or emergencies and will come to schools when needed.  

    Head Lice Guidelines

    Head lice control is a community-wide problem and does not reflect poor hygiene.   Anyone can get head lice. Lice are spread through direct head-to-head contact, sharing hats, brushes and other personal items.  Lice cannot fly, jump, or swim. Lice do not carry disease and they cannot make you sick. Children CANNOT get lice just by being in school or in a classroom with another child who has lice.  School is generally not the place where children get lice. Lice are present all year round.

    Children should be discouraged from head-to-head contact and sharing any items that come in contact with the hair. Parents should screen their own children thoroughly at home (weekly if possible).  This can prevent the disruption of classroom activity and faster recognition and treatment of head lice. Parents are responsible for the treatment of live lice and the removal of eggs. Information regarding children with head lice and head lice checks is confidential and cannot be discussed with others. We do not exclude children for head lice.  If live lice are found on a student during the school day, parents will be notified but not asked to pick their student up. The student will remain in school. This follows both the American Academy of Pediatrics policy and National Association of School Nurses.  


    State law (140.05 Wisconsin Statutes) requires all children entering school to be immunized.  Per Wisconsin legislature, if these requirements are not met by the 30th day of school, students will be excluded from school until they receive these immunizations.  These requirements can be waived only if a properly signed medical, religious or personal conviction exemption is filed with the school office. Please click here to review the Center for Disease Control immunization guidelines

    Health Restrictions and Concerns

    In order to better understand and meet the needs of your child, it is important that you share with school any physical limitations (also see “Exclusions from Physical Education”) chronic health concerns (diabetes, asthma, etc.), life-threatening conditions (allergies, seizures, etc.), or other health concerns that may affect your child during the school day.  These health concerns should be filled out on the emergency information forms prior to the first day of school and reviewed each year.


    Prescription and non-prescription medication should be administered to or by students before or after school, and under a parent or medical supervision. If a student must take or receive a prescription or non-prescription medication while on school property or during district-sponsored events, his/her parent must first submit written authorization. Medication authorization forms are available at the school’s office on the district’s website at:

    School Board Policy #5330 and state law govern the administration of medications to students while in school.

    • All medications brought onto school grounds must be in their original packaging, with the pharmacy label (prescription) or package instructions (non-prescription) clearly intact and readable. Medications brought to school in baggies, envelopes, or other types of containers will be kept in the office but not administered. A parent will be notified.
    • All non-prescription medications must be provided to the school office in the original manufacturer’s container.  Doses cannot exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • District staff shall monitor all situations involving student medication.
    • Medications carried by students will be confiscated and parents will be notified if proper authorization is not on file.
    • If a student will need an inhaler at school for asthma, a parent/guardian will need to complete the following document for school: Asthma Action Plan or provide an equivalent from the child’s physician.  Wisconsin law allows students to self-carry inhalers.
    • If a student will need to have an Epi-Pen at school, the child’s health care provider will need to complete and sign the form: Allergy Action Plan

    Please click the link  to review the Wauwatosa School District Medication Policy


    The Wauwatosa School District is aware of increasing concerns for children with life-threatening allergies. Accommodations for students with life-threatening allergies are made according to the student’s need and developmental level. Forms for the student’s health care provider and parent/guardian are required and are also available on the school website. Teachers and administrators receive education and training regarding allergies.

    School District Nurse

    The School District Nurses are:

    Katelyn Lasse, RN, BSN 414-773-1961 and

    Alicia Styka, RN, BSN Phone: 414-773-1962

    Please click below to review the Wauwatosa School Districts additional Health Information.

    Wauwatosa Health Department

    Wauwatosa Public Health Department nurses act as a consultant to teachers and principals. They will coordinates services with the School District Nurse, if needed and under certain circumstances are available to counsels students and parents if requested.  Please call the Wauwatosa Health Department, (414) 479-8936, if you would like to access a Public Health Department nurse.


    Parents & Partners

    Child Custody/Non-Custodial Parents

    We recognize the importance of parental involvement.  Some families have more than one household.

    • Non-custodial parents are invited to participate in all activities, including conferences.  Parent/teacher conferences or meetings initiated by the school or district will generally be scheduled only once, at times convenient to both parents.
    • Non-custodial parents are entitled to have access to school records unless access to those records has been restricted by court order.
    • Non-custodial parents may release their child from school unless the custodial parent Has presented the school with a court order or other legally binding document that prohibits such a release.
    • Non-custodial parents should inform the school office if they would like to receive school mailings of report cards, newsletters and events.
    • Concerns regarding custody and visitation should be directed to the school principal.

    Orientation Meetings / Parent Information Meetings

    Classroom orientation meetings for parents are held for each grade level at the beginning of the school year.  Teachers present an overview of the curriculum to be taught, discuss expectations and answer questions parents have.  Parents have a chance to sign up for how they want to help in their child’s classroom. These orientations are a great way to open lines of communication early.

    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Parents and teachers have regularly scheduled conferences in October and February of each year.  There are evening and daytime appointments.  Parents will have an opportunity to indicate their preference.  If your child is having difficulty in school, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher sooner.  Teachers and the principal are always available to meet with concerned parents. We will contact parents when we feel the need to do so also.

    Classroom Placement Practices

    The schools reserve the right to place students in classes that will create the most constructive learning environment. Teachers, specialist teachers, and the principal meet each spring to develop new classes for the following year. Since we work daily with children, we feel we know best how children work in the school environment. We construct classes taking many factors into consideration. The most important factors include:

    • Balanced boy/girl ratios
    • Balanced diversity ratios to promote multi-cultural understanding
    • Consideration of students' learning styles
    • Balanced ability levels
    • Socially balanced groups to avoid peer conflicts
    • Inclusion of special education needs students
    • Equal portions from existing classes so new friends can be formed
    •  Separating children who are related to avoid comparison


    Sometimes parents want to give input regarding information about their child that might be helpful for class placement. Schools send home a learning inventory, so please watch our school newsletter so you know when that is possible, usually in the spring. The form is also available through the school office. If your child’s form contains a request for specific teachers or for children to be placed with specific friends, they will not be used in the class placement process. There are too many other factors the school needs to consider first. Class groupings are made BEFORE assigning teachers to those groupings because:

    • ●  Teacher assignments are always tentative when class lists are made.
    • ●  Reassignments of teachers sometimes occur in the summer months.


    If your child expresses concerns about his/her class assignment, please inform the school so your child's teacher can be made aware of this and help reduce anxiety. We appreciate parental help in setting the stage for a successful year for each child. We will include class placements with the August Newsletter. If staff assignments are not secure by August, we will inform parents and students of their teacher’s name as soon as they have been hired.

    New Student Placement Practices

    Children transferring to our schools have recommendations from their former schools for specific grade placement. It is important that we receive records as soon as possible. We assign children in accordance with those recommendations unless and until experience, diagnosis, and consultations indicate a different placement or assignment would better suit the student.  

    Rules and Regulations

    Access to Pupil Records

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District policy related to Student Records.


    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District’s Student Records-Admin. Guidelines.


    District Code of Conduct

    All student conduct should be based on respect and consideration for the rights of others.  Students have a responsibility to know and follow the rules and regulations of the school and School District. Respect for law and for those persons in authority shall be expected of all students.  This includes conformity to school rules as well as the general provision of law regarding minors. Respect for the rights of others, consideration of their privileges, and cooperative citizenship shall also be expected of all members of the school community. 

    School Conduct Expectations

    • Show respect for people and property
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • Use appropriate language
    • Walk quietly in the building

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District Code of Conduct Policy Classroom information.


    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District Code of Conduct Administrative Guidelines.


    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School Districts Suspension and Expulsion Administrative Guidelines.


    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District’s Student Anti- Harassment Administrative Guidelines.


    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District’s Bullying Administrative Guidelines.


    District Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Policy (AODA).

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School Districts AODA Policy.


    Serious Offenses

    There are behaviors so serious in nature that they automatically result in a suspension and/or possible administrative/district hearing.  These are behaviors that absolutely will not be tolerated.

    • Fighting – Striking or hurting others in which serious bodily harm or physical injury occurs.
    • Severe defiance to resistance to authority – Harassment, taunting, swearing or physical aggression directed toward adults.

    Consequences for Behaviors

    • The student will be issued a suspension for 1-3 days.
    • Parents will be contacted by telephone and letter and will pick up the child from school.
    • A conference will be held between parents, student, principal and other appropriate staff as a condition of reinstatement.
    • Additional referrals may be made to Central Office, police or other agencies if necessary.

    Intermediate Offenses

    These are situations either because of their severity or number of times, which they have occurred; need to be brought to the attention of the office.  Both the principal and teacher will be involved in the problem solving and the administrative response will be communicated to the parent by telephone or letter.

    Possible behaviors could include:

    • Chronic minor offenses
    • Being away from assigned areas
    • Harassment, taunting, swearing, racial slurs directed toward classmates
    • Vandalism
    • Destruction of property
    • Swearing (verbal/written form at play or work)
    • Insubordination to adults
    • Fighting

    Consequences for such offenses

    • Parent conference
    • Referral to additional services
    • Loss of privileges
    • In-house or out-of-school suspension

    General Classroom Infractions

    These would be minor infractions that are handled by the teacher in relation to classroom rules and regulations and school expectations.

    Behaviors could include:

    • Running in halls/school
    • Missing assignments
    • Shouting
    • Tardiness
    • Arguments with classmates

    Possible consequences:

    • Talking to the student individually
    • Loss of privileges
    • Parent contact
    • Conference with student and parent


    Suspension occurs when serious or repeated behavior disrupts the educational process and/or endangers the property, health of self or others.  The suspended pupil or the pupil's parent or guardian may, within 5 school days following the commencement of the suspension, have a conference with the school district administrator or his or her designee who shall be someone other than a principal, administrator or teacher in the suspended pupil's school.  (In Wauwatosa, the designee is Willie E. Garrison II, Supervisor of Equity and Student Services, (414) 773-1080). If the school district administrator or his or her designee finds that the pupil was suspended unfairly or unjustly, or that the suspension was inappropriate, given the nature of the alleged offense, or that the pupil suffered undue consequences or penalties as a result of the suspension, reference to the suspension on the pupil's school record shall be expunged.  Such finding shall be made within 15 days of the conference. A pupil suspended under this paragraph shall not be denied the opportunity to take any quarterly, semester or grading period examinations missed during the suspension period.”

    Please see the administrative guidelines information located in the above.  


    Library Books

    Students come to the library on a weekly basis.  The policies of the library for the circulation of materials are liberal and flexible, geared to provide the best service possible for teachers and students.  Books and materials are to be kept clean and handled carefully. Students are responsible for all materials checked out to them, and parents will be required to pay for all materials lost or damaged.  The cost is based upon the replacement value of the lost or damaged book. If lost books are found, refunds will be made.

    Technology Use

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District’s Internet Safety Policy (student)  and the administrative guidelines. Also, please review the cell-phone administrative guidelines.  

    Internet Safety Policy

    Guidelines for Computer Usage

    Guidelines for Cell Phone Usage



    I have read the Parent/Student Handbook, and I agree to abide by all school rules.

    I have read the Classroom Code of Conduct contained in the handbook thoroughly; I understand my responsibilities and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct all year long.

    I understand that when I am using District computers, including the Internet or any other telecommunication environment, I must adhere to all rules of courtesy, etiquette and laws regarding access and copying of information as prescribed by either Federal, State or local law; the Acceptable Use of Network Information Resources Wauwatosa School District policy contained in the handbook; and other school policies.

    My signature below means that I have read and agree to follow the guidelines for computer and Internet use. My signature below further acknowledges that I am aware that I have no right to privacy in the use of District computers and that I consent to the District intercepting and reviewing my files or messages at any time without prior notice.

    I hereby waive any claims against the District, the School Board, or their officers, officials, agents and employees, which may arise, from my utilization of District computers and access to the Internet.

    Student:_________________________________________________Date: ____________

    Signature:_______________________________________________ Date: ____________


    I have read and discussed the Parent/Student Handbook with my child.

    I have read the Classroom Code of Conduct contained in the handbook thoroughly and have discussed it with my child.  I understand my responsibilities and agree to help my child abide by the Code of Conduct all year long.

    As the parent or legal guardian of the minor student signing above, I grant permission for my son or daughter to access District computers and to access the Internet.  I have read and acknowledge the District policies on computer and Internet use contained in the handbook. I understand that individuals and families may be held liable for violations and that computer use may be terminated or my child expelled under certain circumstances.  Additionally, I understand that legal action may take place in the case of breach of file security or where my son or daughter’s actions violate local, state, or federal law. I understand that some materials or individuals accessible on the Internet may be objectionable, inappropriate or harmful.  However, I agree to reinforce the guidelines for computer and Internet use set forth by the Wauwatosa School District.

    My signature below further acknowledges that I am aware that my child has no right to privacy in the use of District computers and that I consent to the District intercepting and reviewing my child’s files or messages at any time without prior notice.


    I hereby waive any claims against the District, the School Board, or their officers, officials, agents and employees that may arise from my child’s utilization of District computers and access to the Internet.


    Signature (required):____________________________________ Date:_____________

    ______Please check here if you prefer your student NOT have access to the Internet at school.