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    Wauwatosa School District POLICY related to Student Records

     Wauwatosa School District’s Student Records - Administrative Guidelines


    District Code of Conduct

    All student conduct should be based on respect and consideration for the rights of others.  Students have a responsibility to know and follow the rules and regulations of the school and School District. Respect for law and for those persons in authority shall be expected of all students.  This includes conformity to school rules as well as the general provision of law regarding minors. Respect for the rights of others, consideration of their privileges, and cooperative citizenship shall also be expected of all members of the school community.

    School Conduct Expectations

    • Show respect for people and property
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • Use appropriate language
    • Walk quietly in the building

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    District Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Policy (AODA).

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    Serious Offenses

    There are behaviors so serious in nature that they automatically result in a suspension and/or possible administrative/district hearing.  These are behaviors that absolutely will not be tolerated.

    • Fighting – Striking or hurting others in which serious bodily harm or physical injury occurs.
    • Severe defiance to resistance to authority – Harassment, taunting, swearing or physical aggression directed toward adults.

    Consequences for Behaviors

    • The student will be issued a suspension for 1-3 days.
    • Parents will be contacted by telephone and letter and will pick up the child from school.
    • A conference will be held between parents, student, principal and other appropriate staff as a condition of reinstatement.
    • Additional referrals may be made to Central Office, police or other agencies if necessary.

    Intermediate Offenses

    These are situations either because of their severity or number of times, which they have occurred; need to be brought to the attention of the office.  Both the principal and teacher will be involved in the problem solving and the administrative response will be communicated to the parent by telephone or letter.

    Possible behaviors could include:

    • Chronic minor offenses
    • Being away from assigned areas
    • Harassment, taunting, swearing, racial slurs directed toward classmates
    • Vandalism
    • Destruction of property
    • Swearing (verbal/written form at play or work)
    • Insubordination to adults
    • Fighting

    Consequences for such offenses

    • Parent conference
    • Referral to additional services
    • Loss of privileges
    • In-house or out-of-school suspension

    General Classroom Infractions

    These would be minor infractions that are handled by the teacher in relation to classroom rules and regulations and school expectations.

    Behaviors could include:

    • Running in halls/school
    • Missing assignments
    • Shouting
    • Tardiness
    • Arguments with classmates

    Possible consequences:

    • Talking to the student individually
    • Loss of privileges
    • Parent contact
    • Conference with student and parent


    Suspension occurs when serious or repeated behavior disrupts the educational process and/or endangers the property, health of self or others.  The suspended pupil or the pupil's parent or guardian may, within 5 school days following the commencement of the suspension, have a conference with the school district administrator or his or her designee who shall be someone other than a principal, administrator or teacher in the suspended pupil's school.  (In Wauwatosa, the designee is Willie E. Garrison II, Supervisor of Equity and Student Services, (414) 773-1080). If the school district administrator or his or her designee finds that the pupil was suspended unfairly or unjustly, or that the suspension was inappropriate, given the nature of the alleged offense, or that the pupil suffered undue consequences or penalties as a result of the suspension, reference to the suspension on the pupil's school record shall be expunged.  Such finding shall be made within 15 days of the conference. A pupil suspended under this paragraph shall not be denied the opportunity to take any quarterly, semester or grading period examinations missed during the suspension period.”

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