Curriculum, Evaluation, & Student Services

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    Section 504

    Section 504 refers to a federal civil rights law that protects individuals with physical or mental impairments, which substantially limit their ability to access and participate in the educational program from discrimination.  All students who are identified as students with disabilities under the IDEA are covered by Section 504. In addition, students who do not meet the criteria established under the IDEA but who have a physical or mental disability, which substantially limits their ability to access and participate in the educational program, may be eligible for accommodation under Section 504.  If you have any questions about Section 504 eligibility, please contact the principal, school social worker or psychologist.


    Special Education Services

    All schools in Wauwatosa provide a multi-tiered system of support to meet the needs of all learners. Students with a disability receive special education services.  A referral for a special education evaluation can be made by a parent, teacher, principal or other individuals who believe the child has a disability. Contact the school psychologist with questions about a special education referral and services.


    Exclusion from Physical Education

    The physical education program is an important part of the elementary experience for students.  If a health condition prevents a student from participating in physical activities over an extended period of time, a note from a doctor indicating the limitation is required.  For a student to be excused from physical education for a short period (up to three days) due to a temporary illness or physical condition, a written request from a parent is sufficient.


    Gifted and Talented Services

    All students are unique, have the ability to learn and achieve, and need opportunities for optimal development.  Students with gifts and talents are capable of high performance and require differentiated and challenging educational services beyond those provided in the general school program. Gifted services span all grade levels (SK-12) and areas of gifted and talented identification (General Intellectual, Specific Academic Ability, Creativity, Leadership, and Artistic) and provide a variety of opportunities to students.

    To determine gifted and talented services, multiple assessments are used in conjunction with district criteria. Assessments may include standardized tests, portfolios, selected grade-level classroom assessments, and rating scales.  Initial referrals for gifted and talented services in the areas of General Intellectual and Specific Academic Ability (reading and mathematics) usually come from the district-wide screening of all students' MAP assessments or from the classroom teacher, who has in-depth knowledge and understanding of a student’s abilities.  Principals, other educational staff, or parents may also refer students for gifted education screening. Parents are notified by mail of gifted services provided to their child. The appropriateness of a student’s services is periodically reviewed. This review may result in continuation of the same services or a change in services. At times, it may be determined that a student's’ needs can be met through the regular school program and course offerings.  

    School Counselor/Social Worker

    Elementary Student Services staff foster the educational, career and social/emotional development of students throughout their academic careers. The goal is to support students in reaching their full academic potential and enjoy a positive school experience. Student Services staff work with students, parents, and fellow staff members to help students receive the support needed to be successful.  This includes small group sessions, peer mediating, and consultations. Staff also provides assistance with coordinating school or outside agency services. Please contact your school’s main office for more information.


    School psychologists are assigned to every school in the district on a part-time basis.  School psychologists bring expertise and experience in working with students across the spectrum of needs, and assist in developing programs and interventions for students who may be struggling or advanced.  Psychologists participate as active members of individual student assessment teams, work with staff members in developing interventions for different types of learning needs, and work with students in identifying and minimizing barriers to learning.  The school psychologist is available to work with parents to discuss your child’s learning experience and needs.

    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

    PBIS is an evidence-based framework dedicated to implementing positive behavior interventions that support children in the school setting.  The PBIS framework positively impacts children in the areas of behavior, social-emotional relations and academic achievement. By designing and implementing positive interventions in these areas, teachers and children maximize instruction opportunities and achieve academic success. Each school will send out information regarding PBIS in each elementary school.


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    Report Cards

    The grading/reporting system will be outlined with parents at the classroom orientation meetings at the beginning of each year.  Parents will receive report cards three times a year (after the October conference, after the February conference, after school is out in June).



    School Board Policy #7020 addresses promotion, placement and retention.  It states, “The decision to retain a student should result from careful study and evaluation by the teacher, principal, parent, and building based student support team members.” If a child is to be considered for retention in grade, the parent must be notified as soon as the issue is raised and will be included in discussions about the possibility of retention.  Details of the process used in considering retention are available from the school principal.

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    District & State Wide Testing

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