Targeted Giving Program

  • Welcome to the Targeted Giving Program at Lincoln School!   Targeted Giving is a unique program that funds specific projects or items requested by teachers to promote student learning.  Items requested are not in the district budget but are beneficial to enhancing student learning.  This amazing support also helps Teacher's in obtaining EFW (Educational Foundation of Wauwatosa) grants. The EFW specifically recognizes community support of teacher’s Targeted Giving requests and this in turn improves Lincoln’s opportunities to receive EFW funding . 

    Through the generosity of Lincoln families, the school community receives many fulfilled requests. To learn more about the program visit the Targeted Giving Bulletin Board near the school office (envelopes/forms available there), watch for requests in the Lincoln Address, school website and weekly PTO e-mail.

    If you’d like to donate to a project - Write a check to “Lincoln PTO” and place it in an envelope labeled Targeted Giving (pre-printed envelopes are available on the Targeted Giving Bulletin Board outside of the office). Be sure to write the name of the project on your check and on the envelope. You may use a donation form (also available on the board) or a short message in the envelope to indicate to which project you'd like your donation applied.  If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate so on the envelope and check. Place the envelope in the Targeted Giving mailbox in the school office or give to it you child’s teacher.  Tax forms acknowledging your donation will be sent to you.  

    We thank you for all that you do to support our school and individualized learning of our children!  If you have question, please contact Tiffany Bruett (414-476-5106, Targeted Giving Chair. We look forward to another successful school year!

    What we do for our school, we do for our children, ourselves, and our community