Wauwatosa Summer School is committed to working toward the Wauwatosa School District's strategic objectives through continuous improvement in student learning.  


    • Registration for elementary and middle school students in the Wauwatosa School District and Wauwatosa residents will open at 8AM on Monday, March 28th
    • Course catalogs will be available online - Thursday, March 24th
    • course selection will be made via Infinite Campus
    • Currently enrolled students (including those already enrolled for 22-23) DO NOT have to enroll for summer school; Parents will just go to their IC portal account and select courses
    • Most currently enrolled students in grades 8-12 have already selected Summer School courses for credit.  If high school students wish to change their Summer School course selection, they must speak to their counselors. 
    • Non-resident families will be able to enroll and select courses beginning Monday, April 18th
    • Online course selection will close Friday, June 10th


    If your child is already enrolled in summer school, please click the appropriate link below for additional information regarding arrival and dismissal procedures, supplies, and more.

    East Side Summer School Information (Lincoln and East High School)

    West Side Summer School Information (Eisenhower and West High School) 

    Families enrolled in Summer School at Eisenhower



    Summer School Starts - Monday, June 20th and goes till July 29th 2022.

    There are no classes Monday, July 4th, 2022

    Secondary Classes(9-12) are Monday through Friday of each week (except for Monday, July 4th)

    Class Period One - 7:30AM till 10:00AM

    Class Period Two - 10:05AM till 12:35PM

    • All high school course offerings will run the full 6 weeks. 

    **Any online summer courses will still run on the following schedule**


    Elementary Classes(K-8) are Monday through Thursday of each week (except for Monday, July 4th)

    Early Morning Stretch - 7:30AM to 7:55AM

    Period One - 8:00AM to 9:15AM

    Period Two - 9:20AM to 10:35AM

    Period Three - 10:40AM to 11:55AM


    Session A for K-8 is from Monday, June 20th till Thursday, July 7th, 2022

    Session B for K-8 is from Monday, July 11th till Thursday, July 28th, 2022

    Beginning Band Blast Off: August 1-5, 8:30AM-11:30AM 
    Let's Sing - Choir: August 1-5, 9AM-11AM


    -Secondary Day (9-12th grade, 07:30a.m.-12:35p.m., Monday-Friday)
    - Period 1: 07:30 AM - 10:00 AM 150 min
    - Period 2: 10:05 AM - 12:35 PM 150 min

    - Elementary Day (JK-8th grade, 08:00a.m.-11:55a.m., Monday-Thursday, No classes on Fridays)
    - Period 1: 08:00 AM - 09:15 AM 75 min
    - Period 2: 09:20 AM - 10:35 AM 75 min
    - Period 3: 10:40 AM - 11:55 AM 75 min 

    Fees for out-of-district families:

    K4, K5, 1st grade, and 2nd-grade Experiences (6-week course): $150
    K-8 one period courses: $25 per course per session

    H.S. 9-12 courses for credit:
    0.5 credit $250
    1.0 credit $500


Contact Information


    Summer School Main Line:

    Phone: (414) 773-3200

    Coordinator:  Stephen Oliver

    Administrative Assistant:  Colleen McDonald

    Summer School Site Office Numbers:

    East High School - (414) 773-3432

    West High School - (414) 773-3434

    Lincoln Elementary - (414) 773-3433

    Whitman Middle School - (414) 773-3435