UW Regional Test Placement FAQ

  • How should I register for the Regional Testing Program?

    Registration for regional testing is done online at: http://www.testing.wisc.edu  You will see what sites are open and get immediate confirmation that can be printed on the spot.  No confirmation letters will be mailed to you.  So be sure to print or write down the confirmation information when you register.

    How will I receive the results of my tests?

    Interpretation of test scores is unique to each UW campus.  You will receive your placement test scores and what they mean when you come to campus orientation in the summer or fall.  Test scores will not be sent from the center and cannot be given over the phone. 

    I’ve been accepted to more than one UW system school or I may change my mind about which campus I am attending.  Do I need to take placement tests for each of these campuses?

    No.  All UW system institutions use the UW Placement Tests and all campuses will receive a copy of your scores.  Therefore, you only need to take the test once and whichever campus you attend  will have your scores regardless of the campus you indicated on your answer sheet.  The scores are sent to the testing office at each campus.