Open Enrollment Information

  • Beginning in fall, 1998, parents in Wisconsin were given the option of having their child(ren) attend any public school in the state where there is space available at the grade level or program requested.

    The Student Services Department manages all aspects of this program from application to school assignment. Currently, over 1,000 students attend school in Wauwatosa through this program option.

    Students who are currently attending the school district and move and siblings of current students in the district have legislative priority for admittance to the open enrollment program where space is available. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation to/from school.

    The Open Enrollment application period is established in state law as beginning the first Monday in February.

    Application periods for upcoming school years:

    2019-2020:  February 4--April 30, 2019
    2020-2021:  February 3--April 30, 2020
    2021-2022:  February 1—April 30, 2021
    2022-2023:  February 7—April 29, 2022

    For further information or questions about the Open Enrollment program, please contact Monica Caughlin, Debbie Hoppe or Kimberly Purcell in the Student Services office at 414-773-1091.

Contact Information

  • For Open Enrollment Questions, contact:

    Student Services Department


    Debbie Hoppe, Kimberly Purcell, or Monica Caughlin


    Administrative Assistants


    Phone: (414)773-1091

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