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  • The Curriculum Council of the Wauwatosa School District is designed to assist in the improvement of curriculum and instruction. When a member of the school staff or community wishes to propose a curriculum change, alternative or improvement recommendations, they shall make a written request to the Director of Student Learning. The council and its representative committees are to advise on total district coordination in all matters of curriculum and instruction. All committees of the district, including the council, are advisory to the Superintendent's office. Recommendations from the council shall be forwarded unamended to the Superintendent through the chairperson.

    Before the establishment of the Curriculum Council in August 2007, the Curriculum and Instruction Department worked on Curriculum Framework with varied public consultation. In preparing those documents, the C & I department was supported by an area chair content structure. Membership of these areas was loosely defined, but including teachers from district schools.

    The Wauwatosa School Board adopted policy 7003 in May of 2007 which created the Curriculum Council and Content Area Teams which are lead by Content Team Leaders. The charge of the LRP is to create a Curriculum Framework in all content areas for distribution to all teachers.

    The Curriculum Framework sets out what all students should know, understand, value and be able to do as a result of the programs they undertake in the Wauwatosa School District, from kindergarten through to year twelve. Its fundamental purpose is to provide a structure around which schools can build educational programs that ensure students achieve agreed upon outcomes.

    It is neither a daily curriculum nor a syllabus, but a framework identifying common learning outcomes for all students. It is intended to give schools and teachers flexibility and ownership over curriculum in a dynamic and rapidly-changing world environment.

    The Curriculum Framework makes explicit the learning outcomes which all Wauwatosa students should achieve. This focus on outcomes represents a major shift in school curriculum from a focus on educational inputs and time allocation toward one that emphasizes the desired results of schooling.

    The Curriculum Framework establishes learning outcomes for all students, regardless of who they are, which school they attend, where they are from, or what approach their school takes to help them achieve those outcomes. Schools and teachers will use the Curriculum Framework to develop their own learning and teaching lessons according to their grade levels and the needs of their students.

    Curriculum Council uses a website as a tool to more effectively work and communicate in a rapidly changing world of web. Please visit our website to view the ongoing work of the Wauwatosa School District Curriculum Council. Information is available from monthly agendas to notes, proposals and additional resources.

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  • Alli Rice

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    Teaching & Learning: Curriculum and Instruction

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