Volunteer Application

  • Thank you for considering to serve as a volunteer for the Wauwatosa School District! Volunteers truly make a difference in the lives of our students and offer a different lens for our students from which to learn. 

    The District has a long history of community support. During the 2016-2017 school year, 579 volunteers gave of their time to the District and the 2017-2018 school years is on pace to see just as many volunteers.

    The School District welcomes and encourages individuals to volunteer their time to serve the students and employees of the District. However, serving as a volunteer is a privilege. As such, it is in the sole discretion of the School District whether an individual can serve as a volunteer.

    School volunteers may include but are not limited to, parents, senior citizens, and students who serve without compensation in the School District.

    All potential volunteers are required to complete a Wauwatosa School District Volunteer Application and are subject to a criminal background check and screening procedures which are based on the type of volunteer activity and student contact.

    Volunteer applications are valid for a period of three school years following the application process.  

    You may complete the application below. Please remember that you must complete the application and receive confirmation that you have been approved before you may begin volunteering. 

    We appreciate your cooperation with the above procedures which will assist us in ensuring that Wauwatosa students are always safe. We also thank you for your time and efforts as a volunteer. Your contributions are truly appreciated!

    Volunteer Application