Diversity & Equity

  • The Wauwatosa School District is committed to fostering an inclusive community in which the opportunity gap is closed and ALL students succeed. 

    Our core beliefs related to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are: 

    1. The elimination of institutional inequities and disproportionality starts with the staff responsible for serving all students. 

    2. The staff of the Wauwatosa School District are responsible for the prevention of student failure, supporting students’  psychological safety and social-emotional growth all while focusing on continuous improvement for the District. 

    3. The District shall ensure that educational programming is accessible, representative of the student population and equitable to all students. 

    4. Instructional teams are deliberate in delivering culturally responsive teaching strategies daily. 

    5. Instructional teams continuously work to increase and transform their instructional and professional capacities with the understanding that it will eventually positively impact all students. 

    6. Instructional practices and curricular materials are proactively developed and revised to meet the needs of students and continuously improve student performance. 

    7. Developing a sense of exemplary service, belonging and inclusion is the center of the District’s outreach efforts with all students, families, visitors and community members. 

    8. Ensuring that all schools and classrooms are welcoming environments that fosters understanding and care for every student, family member and visitor. In short, the diversity that these stakeholders bring to our school community shall be honored and respected. 

    9. Student performance is constantly monitored to assist educators adjust their practice accordingly, document progress and determine if the professionals are closing the disproportionality gaps in the District. 

    10. Educators and the District will always persevere in serving students, even when a student lacks the perceived and/or historically acknowledged home guidance, support, academic background knowledge, fails to exert the expected effort, and/or struggles to consistently adhere to the District’s Student Code of Conduct.