• Orchestra Expectations


    1. Attend Lessons
      • Be on time to weekly lessons
      • Bring instrument, music, pencil & signed goal sheet
      • Come prepared to play your assigned music


    1. Attend Early Orchestra Rehearsal (Before School)
      • Attendance is mandatory because the group rehearsal is an important part of the

           orchestra experience

    • Arrive on time: your teacher will tune for a limited amount of time
    • Bring instrument, music, pencil
    • Come prepared to play your assigned music


    1. Practice at Home
    • Instruments & music must be taken home after orchestra, NOT left at school
    • All students must practice every week since we are training muscles, and all muscles need repetition to learn a task.
    • Weekly goal sheets must be filled out and signed by a parent
    • Practice until you can play your assignment well


    1. Attend Concerts
      • All performances are mandatory since learning to perform is one of the goals of participating in the orchestra program
      • Arrive on time with correct materials
      • Plan to dress nicely


    1. Orchestra is a One Year Commitment

    Music achievement requires effort over a period of time.  Each child has committed to one academic year of orchestra.  As with learning any new skill, there will be great days and not so great days.  Your child’s follow through on his/her commitment is key to the development of the dedication and teamwork skills that being a part of an orchestra fosters.