Principal's Welcome

  • It is my pleasure to introduce you to Eisenhower Elementary School!

    We proudly partner with families of students in Junior Kindergarten through 5th grade to grow thoughtful, compassionate, critically-thinking children. We draw upon our richly diverse community as an essential component of our dynamic learning environment. With an emphasis on deep conceptual understanding, high expectations for academic growth, and careful attention to the social and emotional development of each of our learners, our highly trained staff collaborates and intentionally designs engaging and relevant learning opportunities.

    Our team of staff continually gathers student learning data, analyzes student needs, and implements innovative lessons to move students from where they are to where they need to be. With an emphasis on "growth mindset", our learners excel at developing the ability to persevere and think flexibly through challenging learning opportunities, setting the stage for life-long learning. Teachers honor and grow the uniqueness of each student, drawing upon their assets to further the growth and development of all students.

    Central to our work is preparing children to excel as they continue their academic journey through middle school and beyond with focused preparation toward being college and career ready. Our students are active participants in cultivating our learning community with essential roles such as Lunch Leaders, Facilitators of All-School Morning Meetings, Student Council representatives, and Community Service organizers.

    It is my hope that the information provided to you through our website gives you an accurate glimpse of the vibrant, engaging, successful community that we experience each and every day at Eisenhower.




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