State Report Cards

  • As part of the state accountability system, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) produces report cards for every publicly funded school and district in Wisconsin.  These Accountability report cards include data on multiple indicators for multiple years across four Priority Areas (Student Achievement, Growth, Closing Gaps, and On-Track and Post-secondary Success).  In addition, given the impact on student success, the Accountability Report Cards also measure chronic absenteeism and dropout rates.  A school or district's Overall Accountability Score places the school/district into one of the five Overall Accountability Ratings: 

    image of overall accountability ratings

    The Wauwatosa School District is proud to achieve an accountability rating of “Exceeds Expectations.” Report cards for schools within the Wauwatosa School District can be accessed through the report card app.


    Click here to view our 2020-2021 State Report Card

    For more detailed information about the creation and scoring for the report cards, and to learn more about the State and Federal Accountability Reporting, please visit the Department of Public Instruction's Accountability Resources page.